Addendum and analytical tools (regression analysis and matched pairs analysis) built to help position you as an ideal appraiser to lenders.

ResiValue™ is the combination of an online report writer, Collateral Underwriter™ addendum and analytical tools (regression analysis and matched pairs analysis) built to help position you as an ideal appraiser to lenders. Double your productivity by utilizing dependable tools and thorough, yet relatable training designed to help you achieve the highest quality residential appraisals quickly through the effective use of technology.

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ResiValue is better for appraisers than other form fillers because:

• Reduces report writing time by 50% or more
• Linked to live nation on-line data base, with QCLV data
• Collateral Underwriter addendum
• Only web-based report writer
• No “gotcha” add-on costs
• Smart Data ™


Absolutely, positively free extended trial subscription for the first beta testers in each market.  Free means free.  Hey, remember we are appraisers building for appraisers.  There are no add-ons for flood maps, sketch program, customer service, or anything else.  We still can’t believe our competitors charge extra for customer service.

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ResiValue™ features for Appraisers

Reduces report writing time by 50% or more

ResiValue reduces the time required to write an appraisal report by providing the appraiser a unique set of tools that makes existing report writers obsolete.  The live database is online and includes both tax roll data and comparable sales data.  Starting with a template, the report is 75% complete by the time the tax roll data and comparable sales are added. Complete an appraisal in half an hour to one hour; no more.

Linked to live nation on-line data base, with QCLV data

Being able to access the best available data, and import it into your report will reduce the time to select and type comparable sales, and to type tax roll data.  The sales data already includes the quality, condition, location and view data in most cases.  You use the same QCLV data that you and peers used in prior reports avoiding running afoul of Collateral Underwriter.


Collateral Underwriter Addendum

“Wow!  You guys nailed it”, was the comment of a former Fannie Mae employee who had been involved in developing Fannie Mae.  We provide you reports BEFORE you submit the appraisal that will alert you to issues likely to generate flags in Collateral Underwriter.


Only Web-Based Report Writer

Web-based software allows you to write reports using a tablet while still in the field.  One of the comps did not work? Change it after inspection.  No challenges with appraisers in the same office having different versions of the same program.  You do not have to pay for or download updates.  (Don’t you hate it when the update asks you if it is OK to revise factors you don’t understand?  I do!)  No setup time is required.  Just log-on and start saving time.

No Gotcha Add-Ons

Hey, we are appraisers too!  We know what it is like when large report writer firms add on all sorts of fees for issues like customer service, flood maps, mapping service, sketching program, etc.

Smart Data™

In most cases, our algorithm is able to generate quality, condition, location and view factors for each comparable sale or listing.  But hey, no algorithm is perfect.  Most appraisers who beta tested with us to data have found the QCLV data good.  So if an appraiser changes the QCLV factors, the change is stored to the master database.  If the initial rating isn’t spot-on, once the appraiser has used the comp, the QCLV data will be reliable.  (And the Collateral Underwriter addendum will advise you of how you have ranked the comp in the past as well as how other appraisers have ranked the comp in the past.)  This is appraisers helping appraisers!

Residential Appraisal Reports in 50% Less Time


ResiValue typically reduces the amount of time to write a 1004 appraisal report by 50% or more, excluding field work.

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ResiValue™ features for Lenders and AMCs

Faster Delivery Time for Appraisals Mean You Are More Competitive as a Lender Since You Can Close Quicker

ResiValue ™ can reduce the time to write an appraisal report by 50% or more just by importing tax roll and comparable sale data.  Most appraisers search for comparable sales and they type them into the appraisal report.  Tax roll data routinely flows into the report populating a sizable number of fields, including the types of improvements in the neighborhood.  The appraiser selects one of his templates to populate routine fields of data which completes about one-quarter of the report.  After the appraiser has pulled in data from the template, the tax rolls and the comparable sales, the report is 50 to 75% complete.  The sales data will typically include the quality, condition, location and view used by appraisers in prior appraisals.  If the subject property is different than expected (perhaps a different size or quality or condition), the appraiser can use his laptop or tablet after inspecting the subject property to change out comparable sales while still in the area. This eliminates making two trips.There is excellent feedback prior to selecting comparable sales regarding which have the smallest level of adjustments, the standard measure of comparability.

Data Integrity

Unfortunately, people sometimes make errors in data entry, and there are unfortunate incidents of a small number of appraisers fabricating data. Part of the Collateral Underwriter addendum (included free with each report), is a summary of the comparable sales selected and includes the following fields of data for each of the sales used:
1) Sales price per MLS,
2) Sales price per deed records,
3) Sales price used by other appraisers,
4) Size (in square feet) of comp per appraiser,
5) size of comp per tax rolls, and
6) size of comp per other appraisers.

The Collateral Underwriter addendum also includes the quality, condition, location and view (QCLV) for each of the comps used and:
1) information on how the appraiser has used them in previous reports and
2) how other appraisers have used them in previous reports.

The data integrity is an essential part making the appraisal process more transparent.

Excellent Transparency Regarding Appraisal Integrity

The Collateral Underwriter addendum is available free for each report.  It provides both tabular and graphical presentations of the comparable sales used and not used.  Some lenders have asked, “Why did the appraiser select these three comparable sales”?  Both the lender and appraiser benefit by having insight before the report is delivered to Fannie Mae or another lender regarding issues that need to be reviewed and or explained.


Less back-end hassles with Collateral Underwriter

No one likes the extra work involved to communicate about a good quality report because Collateral Underwriter or one of the other electronic appraisal reviewers flags an issue. Sometimes it is a matter of judgment of which comp to use. Sometimes the appraisal has already explained the reason for a comp or an adjustment or for not using a comp. However, Collateral Underwriter does not process the text included; it uses strictly quantitative analysis.
Having a heads up about Collateral Underwriter flags will save lenders, reviewers and appraisers time and headaches.


Absolutely, positively free extended trial subscription for the first beta testers in each market.

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Why Pick ResiValue™?

With ResiValue™, you’re choosing the most technologically
advanced residential appraisal form filler with database
program available in the industry. Why settle for anything less?


5 features unique to ResiValue™ alone:

Web-based 1004 form filler program

Edit your appraisal forms from home, at the office and in the field. More

Utilizes SmartData™

National sales data consistently enhanced by appraisers will be the most reliable data. More

Form filler with analytics

You will be provided with a regression and matched-pair sales analysis to support adjustments. More

Attached to a national database

ResiValue ™ can reduce the time to write an appraisal report by 50 to 75% by importing tax roll and comparable sale data that routinely flows into our national database, populating a sizable number of form fields. More

Preview likely CU™ flags prior to submitting an appraisal to lenders.

Address flags before submission to the lender. Also, lenders will appreciate having a more simple, organized way to view your comments in our CU™ Addendum. More

ResiValue Data

Harness the true power of a cloud based appraisal report writer connected to a national database. With ResiValue data you unlock:

  • Choose comps within ResiValue which auto-populate the sales grid and 1004mc in a click of a button
  • Only sales database complete with Quality, Condition, Location, and View
  • Each sale links directly to the county assessor property record
  • Amend comps and regrid them in seconds.
  • Once a subject is chosen, 20-30% of the form is auto populated
  • Compare your chosen comps not just your personal database but with how your peers in your market have used them (Just like FNMA does!)
  • One unit housing stats provided from your polygon automatically.
  • Present Land Use % actually populates from all parcels inside your defined market area
  • Assess or analysis possible superior comps
  • Coming soon: regression analysis, paired sales database, and much more!

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ResiValue Software

Get all the tools our competitors up charge their clients for. ResiValue software includes:

  • Complete cloud access and functionality. Access from any internet browser anywhere!
  • Full 1004, 1073, 2055e, and other commonly used forms including UAD.
  • Tablet sketching software for iOS and Android devices
  • All mapping included which includes aerial and flood.
  • Collateral Underwriter(R) appraiser support to check if and how you have used comps previously
  • Graph the subject and comps to show value trends.
  • Full addendum pages with complete rich text/html formatting
  • FREE PDF scans and loaded of up to three years old appraisals to ensure comps are used properly
  • UAD guidance on data entry
  • E&O check
  • Template manager
  • Manage your files with a Appraisal Dashboard and share files with other ResiValue users
  • If you still like using your current desktop based report writer, no problem. ResiValue files fully export to XML or text files to load directly into SFREP, WinTotal, ACI, ClickForms

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